How does PAMM Account Works?

PAMM – (it is the abbreviation for Percent Allocation Management Module) account is intended to raise investment capital for management by Forex trader.

See how easy PAMM Account works:

  • Professional trader creates Manager’s account in our system and invest his own funds to it. His trading results are analyzed automatically and published in open access. Manager creates an offer where he specifies the terms of cooperation with investors, including percentage of the profit that he'll receive as a reward for account management.
  • Investors can analyze managers’ performance using our PAMM Rating and invest in any manager they prefer.
  • Manager trades using his own capital and investor’s funds. Profit or loss, received from trading will be automatically distributed between manager and his investors in proportion to the deposited amount.

Total portfolio

As a result of the successful manager’s work in the past month, total profit on the strategy is 20% (2,000 USD) of the initial deposit (10,000 USD), and the total account balance is now 12,000 USD.

As a result of Manager’s work on the Investors' account the net gain amounted to 2 000 USD and it was distributed accordingly to the offer

  • Investor Stephen — 560 USD;
  • Investor Michael — 700 USD;
  • Manager William – 740 USD (200 USD as his profit share and 540 USD management fee).
Investor StephenInvestor MichaelManager William
Investment ammount4000 USD5000 USD1000 USD
Profit (20%)800 USD1000 USD200 USD
Manager’s fee (30%)- 240 USD- 300 USD+ 540 USD
Total balance4560 USD5700 USD1740 USD

Profit was distributed proportionally to all investors:


got 40% of the total account profit = 800 USD and paid the manager a fee of 30% of the profit (240 USD).


got 50% of the total account profit = 1000 USD and paid the manager a fee of 30% of the profit (300 USD).


got 10% of the total account profit = 200 USD, as well as the management fees of 30% of investors’ profit (540 USD).

Risk Warning:

  • Manager’s previous gains doesn’t guarantee future gains.
  • LionsFX is not responsible for Manager's and Investors' actions providing PAMM service.
  • LionsFX does not control and does not participate in the clients' funds management.

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