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Deposit Bonus

What is the Deposit Bonus?

The Deposit Bonus Program is a bonus that is added to your LionsFX account and is credit to your trading account upon completion of the volume requirements. Simply trade to gain the bonus.

  • Instant credit on your deposit
  • Avaliable on all account types (excluding PAMM)

Fully Transparent

No hidden fees, no hidden rules. Simply be guided through the Bonus Terms and Conditions and be satisfied that your account bonus is in line with your investment goals.

  • Applied to deposits from just $250
  • Withdrawable bonus

Use the examples in the table below as a quick reference guide on how the Deposit Bonus is applied in relation to the size of your deposit.

Your minimum depositBonus appliedYour bonusTrading capital balance
$25010% on $250$25$275
$1,00020% on $1,000$200$1,200
$10,00030% on $10,000$3,000$13,000
$50,00040% on $50,000$20,000$70,000
$100,00050% on $100,000$50,000$150,000

Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

It is very easy to get Deposit Bonus



Your trading account with LionsFX



Your trading account with at least $100


Get Bonus

To your trading account and continue earning

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